Music and sound design are essential to bring your stories to life. Your project still lacks a good track? Our sound department is ready to help! We are happy to be able to provide all the steps needed for an audiovisual production.

In addition to animation we offer:
Voice-over recordings
Sound design
Music composition
Through our external partners, we are also able to deliver surround mixing.

You'll find some examples of our work in the soundreel below:
Here are some projects where you can see the effect good sound and music can have on a video:
In our very own explainer about the way we work, we take you on a little animation journey. We put the emphasis on evoking emotionality and supporting the core story with an epic sound design and music! Take a look here.
We also had the chance to work on the 2019 trailer for the international short film festival Interfilm. We created an uplifting and motivating score, that forms a dramaturgical arc. Oscillating between music and sound design, the score supports the different scenes and characters and leaves you excited for the following short films.
The three explainers  for the BZgA  (Federal Agency for Health Education) handle the highly sensitive topic of eating disorders. With sound design we transformed abstract shapes into characters and flat colors into atmospheric environments. On the emotional level we were looking to convey compassion and urgency as well as incentivize any person affected to seek help.
barrier-free versions and audiodescriptions
We produced an audio track for blind and visually impaired people for the short film "Hidden Heroes".
The amount and speed of the dialogue does not allow a classic audio description parallel to the story. We  decided to use an introductory audio-descriptive text.
The text describes characters and visual elements of the film before the the story starts. During the film, short descriptions comment the action.
Would you like to create an accessible barrier-free version of your project? Get in touch with us!
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