2019 | explainer | mini series | 2'00" | HD | 1:1,77 | color
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Eating disorders are serious diseases that must be treated. Professional information is important because not everyone can recognise the signs of anorexia, bulimia or binge-eating disorder. In order to increase awareness of the disease patterns and to publicise existing offers of help, the Federal Centre for Health Education (BZgA) has produced three short films in cooperation with monströös. The special thing: The videos refrain from figurative representation to avoid triggering the viewers, who may be suffering from eating disorders themselves. Their visual world is abstract and poetic at the same time. This provides professional background information, but also opens up an insight into the personal emotional world of the persons concerned and those in their environment.
To provide emotional access to the disease process, the BZgA was able to draw on anonymous excerpts from counselling and treatment interviews. The films are intended to encourage people to take a closer look and, in case of doubt, to seek advice from a paediatrician, family doctor or counselling centre.
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