2019 | festival trailer  | 0'57" | HD | 1:1,77 | color
Trailer for the international short film festival INTERFILM 2019, Berlin, Germany.

CREW & TECHNIQUE                                                                                                     
technique: 2D frame by frame animation, stop motion, mixed media          
concept & direction: Sophia Schönborn, Rike Rothe                                                           
animation: Sophia Schönborn, Rike Rothe                                                            
additional animation: Ana Angel, Noah Erni, Mareike Graf, Anna Levinson   
puppet maker: Ana Angel                                                                                  
assistent set builder: Olga Maus                                                                                 
sound & music: Matija Strnisa                                                                                          
re-recording mixer: Christoph De La Chevallerie                                             
compositing & editing: Sophia Schönborn
a film made by monströös

Making this trailer was great: We got to use very different techniques, from stopmotion to 2D frame-by-frame animation and puppetry.
Test-animation für den Interfilm-Trailer. Eine Puppe tanzt im Club-Set
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