The first Feminist-Futuristic Educational Magazine & Game worldwide is dedicated to the topic: Gender Stereotypes!
A person from the future embarks on a journey through time. 2023. Modern and technological? And how! Equality and tolerance? Yeah, right! Maybe in 100 years.

Back to Nature
Comedy thriller | Series 10 x 11 Minutes | Young Adults and Adults
Bob finds himself in a future in which animals have more rights than humans. He is now trying to survive a reality show in which he is sentenced to be eaten by wolves because of the crimes against nature he commited 80 years ago.
Comedy | Short film 5 min | Ages 6+
The short film Balkone is about a prefabricated building or rather about its balconies. At first glance the balconies all seem to be the same, but if you look closely, each window, each balcony lives its own life and reflects the character of its owner.
Educational comedy | Web Series 12x1,5 Minutes | Young Adults and Adults
Viruses cause a cellular zombie apocalypse: they do not fight our cells, but penetrate them and transform them into their slaves. And this, although they are not even alive in the true sense of the word. In twelve funny episodes you will learn everything you didn't know you wanted to know about viruses!

Warum ist das so?
Educational Adventure | Series 24x4 min | Ages 2-7
The world is full of mysteries! Why is the earth round? Why is the sky blue? Why do flowers smell so good? And why do we have hair on our bodies? Frida goes on many adventures to learn the answers to these and more questions!

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