monströös team:
Mareike Graf
Animation director and organization talent
Focus: Stop motion and compositing

Sophia Shönborn
Animation director and master of good vibes
Focus: Frame by frame animation and Character Design
Anna Levinson
Animation director and happy pill
Focus: Frame by frame animation and character design
Rike Rothe
Animation director and communication genius
Focus: Character design and animatics
Xenia Smirnov
Animation director and finesse queen
Focus: Motion Design and cut-out animation
Ana Angel
Animation director and problem solver
Focus: Frame by frame animation and character Design
Matija Strniša
Composer, sound designer and networker
Focus: Combination of analog and digital sounds
Learn how animation works at monströös here!
Six animation directors and a composer and sound designer: that is the core of monströös. Together we create the working atmosphere we had been looking for for years. A place for creativity, ideas, flexible working hours, family friendliness and exchange among each other.
Why all this? Because we enjoy our work and we believe that Monday is a great day. And we try to pass this attitude on to our projects and costumers. After all, communication at eye level and a love of detail are simply part of us.
We want to live in a fair and diverse society and so political, social and scientific topics are paticularly close to our hearts.
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