We are monströös. A Studio for 2D Animation and audiovisual Storytelling.
We are interested in political, social and scientific issues. Topics that concern us all. That's why we like to deal with complex contents. Images transport ideas and we want to build the bridge between researchers, activists and the public. Because an informed society can make good decisions!

What we do

Visualization of topics in scientific research, politics & history. Knowledge transfer in form of exhibition videos, clips online or in lectures.

Social Media Clips
Development of short clips for Instagram, Facebook & Co.

Advertising campaigns
Multi-channel-marketing, e.g. social media clips, poster campaigns, promotional films, organized campaigns in the public and in digital space.

Design of print and digital media.

How we do it
We make a point of producing work with artistic value.
We develop our films in a close collaboration
with our clients and partners.

We work on solid time-schedules.
Our clients
Learn how the process of animation works at monströös here!
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