We love science!
That's why we enjoy working on complex subjects. We believe that making scientific research more accessible to a broad public is really important. Especially at a time when facts are often set in opposition to opinions.
Images transport ideas – we want to be the ones to build that bridge between science and the public. Because a well-informed society is able to make good decisions.
We can help you with:
Animated explainers easily convey information and generate attention. Specific services or participatory surveys can be promoted with a call-to-action. Explainers work really great on social media platforms!
Video abstracts
In video abstracts research results can be presented in a visually attractive and accessible way in order to reach wider audience for research. monströös knows how to present complex information in an appealing way!
Interactive formats
We develop interactive formats such as websites, apps and games. Playful elements increase the attention and curiosity of users to either follow up with more content or to playfully access knowledge and science.
Online campaigns
monströös designs online and print campaigns. We create a detailed design concepts that may include key visuals, films, social media as well as print media. Perfect to successfully market your campaign!
We develop animation for feature films and documentaries. Animation can be combined with live action to support special parts of the narrative or to enhance the film visually.
Social Media Clips
Illustrations for magazines and posters or online formats
Key visuals for congresses or events
We are interested in your research topic! Don't hesitate to contact us, even if your idea is still at the very beginning. Together we will find the best way to bring it to life.
Inclusive & accessible content
We offer the production of audio descriptions for blind and visually impaired people. In addition to the production of subtitles in different languages, the production of subtitles for deaf and hearing-impaired people is also possible. Would you like to produce your clip inclusive and accessible? Get in touch with us!
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