Hare to find yourself
FAB Dimensional, Berlin 2022 • dioramas, AR application
After long, pandemic months of introspection and under the impression of an increased level of anxiety, the artists felt the need for some sort of outlet or help. monströös developed a series of five dioramas, each the size of a small box. The dioramas are very simple on the inside and appear graphic; from the outside they are tumorous and colourful. Only through the AR app does the inside of the box also become colourful and lively. The overall theme of HARE TO FIND YOURSELF is a human (rabbit) life, the experience of growing up and the things most of us go through in one way or another. The works can be experienced in a self-selected order and so the stories can also be discovered in different ways.

The installation was developed for the Festival of Animation 2022.
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