2020 | animated clips for a documantary  | ca.10:00" | HD | 1:1,77 | color
We had the great opportunity to work again with the German Archaeological Institute in their documentary about the island of Hokkaido in Japan. Watch the trailer for the film here.
Working with the Institute is always a pleasure. Not only do we learn a lot, but we also contribute in spreading valuable information to the public!

CREW & TECHNIQUE                                                                                                      
technique: 2D frame by frame animation
concept & animation direction: Ana Angel                                                            
animation: Sophia Schönborn, Rike Rothe, Anna Levinson, Ana Angel, Noa Erni, Mareike Graf, Xenia Smirnov                              
Sound: Sebastian Sánchez
Editing: Simon Möller
Direction: Mayke Wagner

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