We are looking for an intern to join our team on a short film project!
On the following page, you will find detailed information on the animation internship we are offering.
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding the internship!

Internship details
What we offer:
Learn the specifics of oil painting and cut-out animation
Improve your frame-by-frame animation skills
Be part of our collective, therefore learn about studio organization and entrepreneurship
Work 4-days week
Eat delicious home cooked meals with us!
What we are looking for:
Your skills                    frame-by-frame animation, junior level
                                         oil painting experience
Your tasks                   painting pre-animated frames with oil
                                     painting backgrounds and props
Internship duration    March-July 2023
We are specifically looking for students of art schools or universities, doing Erasmus + program or a mandatory internship.
Since the project is running on the state funding we are not able to pay a wage.                           

Project details
comedy | 5 min
The short film Balkone is about a prefabricated building, or rather about its balconies. At first glance the balconies all seem to be the same, but if you look closely, each window, each balcony lives its own life and reflects the character of its owner.

Production step                 clean animation
Time schedule                   March-July 2023
Animation technique       oil painting on glas
Software                            TVPaint, Dragonframe
We are a Berlin-based studio for 2D animation and audiovisual storytelling.
We are interested in current, political, social and scientific issues. Our animations transport ideas and help build the bridge between researchers, activists and the public.
Our most recent films: https://monstroos.com/work

We're looking forward to receiving your application! Send your portfolio including an animation reel and oil painting samples to:
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