That's why we enjoy working on complex subjects. We believe that making scientific research more accessible to a broad public is really important. Especially at a time, when facts and consolidated knowledge are often set in opposition to opinions and sensitivities.
Images transport ideas – we want to be the ones to build that bridge between science and the public. Because only a well-informed society is able to make good decisions. We can help you with:
Explainers  Social media campaigns  Gifs and illustrations  Logo animations  Posters for exhibitions  Publications on the internet  Communication of research to the broad public or among scientists and specialists.
We have broad experience in working with scientists and academics and put together a selection of our favourite works we hope you will enjoy.
We worked together with the Leibniz Assoiciation to make a video to invite you all to take part in their project "A world in motion". The eight Research Museums have a great plan for the next two years.

This documentary film by the German Archaeological Institute tells the story of the world's oldest known trousers and explains the reverse engineering process, which was used to uncover it's secrets. Our task was to supplement the documentary with animated clips where life-action footage reached its limits.
Answering this question comprehensibly is the task of our explainer for the exhibition ENERGY IN MOTION @ TU. In addition to an appealing, friendly design, it was important for us to develop a balanced music and sound concept, that underlines the content dramaturgically.
Soapbox Science supports women in the field. Public space becomes the scene of their research, and is transformed into a place of learning and scientific debate.  The combination of two animation techniques emphasizes the interdisciplinary character of the organization and was also a lot of fun!
We are interested in your research topic! Don't hesitate to contact us, even if your idea is still at the very beginning. Together and over a cup of coffee we will find the best way to bring it to life.
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