2014 | shortfilm | 6'25" | HD | 1:1,77 | color
OV: English / German / French
Subtitles: English / French / Spanish / Russian
Young Tibiaq sets off to search for his lost brother who was captured by an evil spirit. It turns out to be a dangerous but magical journey. Free adaption of an Inuit legend.
Der junge Tibiaq macht sich auf die Suche nach seinem vermissten Bruder, der von einem bösen Geist gefangen genommen wurde. Seine Suche stellt sich als magisch und gefährlich heraus. Dieser Kurzfilm ist die lose Adaption einer alten Inuit-Legende.
[digital 2D animation (TVPaint), drawn backgrounds]
direction: Rike Rothe
animation: Lisa Neubauer, Ulf Grenzer, Rike Rothe, Annette Jung,
Maxi Alker, Pauline Kortmann, u.a.
music: Oleg Hollmann
sounddesign: Tim Altrichter
mixing: Tina Laschke
production: Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF and ZDF
technique: digital 2D animation (TVPaint) on drawn backgrounds, digitally coloured
»TIBIAQ« is a student film, produced for and in collaboration with the German television station ZDF. It was diffused in 2016 as a part of the children series “Siebenstein”, aimed for kids aged 4-8 years.
The film is freely based on an Inuit legend from the region of the river Kobuk in Alaska. All names in the story are taken from local native languages and carry meanings fitting to the personality of the characters like »bear« or »seagull«. Furthermore director Rike Rothe tried to include research on traditional dwellings, cloths and boats in the design of the film.
»TIBIAQ« exists in three language Versions: English, German and French.
Subtitles are available in English, French, Spanish and Russian.
TV-Premiere: 26-06-2016
ITFS Stuttgart 2014
Stuttgart, Germany
Zlín children film festival 2014
Zlín, Chech Rebublik
Melbourne Animation Festival 2015
Melbourne, Australia
Athens Animfest 2015
Athen, Greece
Barcelona NonStop 2015
Bacelona, Spain
Vafi children film festival 2015
Rijeka, Croatia
Insomnia Festival 2015 | honarable Mention
Moscow-Kaluga Region, Russia
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